The Multi-scale Emission Inventory Reanalysis and Data Sharing Platform online!

2021-10-14 | MEIC team

Recently, a multi-scale emission inventory reanalysis and data sharing platform (Data Platform) independently developed by the MEIC team of Tsinghua University was launched on the MEIC website ( Emission inventories from multiple research groups are shared on the Data Platform, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University, Jinan University, Beijing University of Technology, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, etc.

The emission inventory is essential for atmospheric chemistry and climate change studies, and it is also the fundamental basis for supporting air quality management. In recent years, researchers in China have established a technical system of high-resolution emission inventories and developed national, regional and city-scale emission products, providing strong support for scientific research and environmental management in related fields. However, due to the differences in emission source categorization, chemical species, temporal and spatial resolution, and data format of emission inventories developed by different researchers, it is difficult to integrate emission data from multiple sources, which hinders the further promotion and application of those emission inventories.

In this context, the MEIC team of Tsinghua University develops a multi-scale emission inventory reanalysis and data sharing platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Data Platform”) based on China’s Key R&D Program “Research on the Causes and Control Technology of Air Pollution”. The Data Platform is built based on big data and cloud computing technology, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. It includes modules such as emission source mapping, chemical species mapping, grid matching, and spatial-temporal integration, which could integrate emission inventories with different source categorization, species and spatial-temporal resolutions according to a certain priority to generate a uniformly formatted reanalysis products. Through this, the problem of data integration and sharing of emission inventories from multiple sources has been solved.

The Data Platform has designed standard data exchange formats for emission inventories in different formats such as point sources, area sources and gridded data, and supports online integration, browsing and downloading. Users could integrate the shared emission data on the platform according to user customized priority. They could also upload their own emission data in accordance with the standard data exchange format, and integrate it with the shared data.

With the further support of the Major Research Plan of the National Natural Science Foundation of China “Basic Research on the Causes and Response Mechanisms of China’s Atmospheric Combined Pollution”, emission inventories from several research groups have been shared on the Data Platform. Registered users on the MEIC website could integrate and download data after logging in.

Welcome to use the Data Platform and provide valuable comments. We sincerely hope that users are willing to share data through our Data Platform. If you would like to share emission inventories, please contact The MEIC team is looking forward to any form of exchange and cooperation, and hopes to use this platform to promote the development, comparison, integration, sharing and application of emission inventories, and to further enhance the scientific understanding of the atmospheric emission sources in China.