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CCED(China Cement Emission database)is an emission inventory database for China’s cement industry. The database is developed based on intensive unit-based information on activity rates, production capacity, operation status, PM and NOx control technologies for over  3100 clinker production lines and over 4500 cement grinding stations.CCED currently provides emissions of SO2、NOx、PM2.5、PM10、CO  and CO2 emissions for years in 1990-2015. The spatial distribution of shipping emissions data (NOx for example) is as follows:

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CCED is for non-commercial use only.

In any paper, research report, and product using CCED, the relevant research results of CCED must be fully cited.

CCED is developed and maintained by Tsinghua University. If you have any questions about CCED, please contact Dr. Jun Liu (, and Dr. Dan Tong (

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1. CCED v1.0 Provincial total emissions and provincial emissions by clinker production capacity and unit age.


2. Data underline the figures in Liu et al. (2021)


Data citation

Please cite the following paper when using CCED:

Liu, J., Tong, D., Zheng, Y., Cheng, J., Qin, X., Shi, Q., Yan, L., Lei, Y., and Zhang, Q.: Carbon and air pollutant emissions from China’s cement industry 1990–2015: trends, evolution of technologies, and drivers, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 1627–1647,, 2021.