How to cite DPEC

If you use the emissions data from DPECv1.0-v1.1, please cite this website ( and the following papers:

Tong, D., Cheng, J., Liu, Y., Yu, S., Yan, L., Hong, C., Qin, Y., Zhao, H., Zheng, Y., Geng, G., Li, M., Liu, F., Zhang, Y., Zheng, B., Clarke, L., and Zhang, Q.*: Dynamic projection of anthropogenic emissions in China: methodology and 2015–2050 emission pathways under a range of socio-economic, climate policy, and pollution control scenarios, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 20, 5729–5757,, 2020.

Cheng, J.#, Tong, D. #, Zhang, Q. *, Liu, Y., Lei, Y., Yan, G., Yan, L., Yu, S., Cui, R. Y., Clarke, L., Geng, G, N., Zheng, B., Zhang, X, Y., Davis, J, S., and He, K, B.: Pathways of China’s PM2.5 air quality 2015–2060 in the context of carbon neutrality, Natl. Sci. Rev., nwab078,, 2021.