The MEIC model contributes to the national emission inventory guidelines

2015-01-08 | MEIC Team

The development of a complete emission inventory is an essential step in an air quality management process. To guild local governments, China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) recently issued a series of air pollutants emission inventory guidelines for developing national and local emission inventories. The guidelines consist of four types of air pollutants (i.e., PM2.5, VOCs, NH3 and PM10) and four emission sources (i.e., on-road vehicles, off-road vehicles, biofuel combustion and dust). The MEIC team in Tsinghua University, as the technical supporter, intensively participated in systematic design of the guidelines and also proposed guidelines in details.

China’s MEP initiated the “emission inventory guideline” project since 2013, after the occurrence of two severe air pollution episodes. Prof. Kebin He, chair of the MEIC team, took charge of technical work of the project, and proposed working procedure for emission inventory establishment. He raised that individual emission inventory, in terms of air pollutants or sources, should be developed firstly over China. As the methods are widely understood and accepted, the final comprehensive guideline for different pollutants from multi-sources, with the accurate spatial and temporal information from point sources, then can be implemented, replacing the separated ones. So far, eight emission guidelines have been successfully issued and widely used in local governments. The MEIC team was in charge of the guidelines of PM2.5 and PM10 and participated in preparation of several others. Moreover, faced with the gradually higher demand of emission inventory from local governments, the MEIC team currently has begun to compile the guidelines for comprehensive emission inventory which include different pollutants from multi-sources and offers high spatial and temporal resolutions.

Announcement on the publication of emission inventory guidelines for developing the primary inhalable particulate matter emission inventory (Trial) and other four technical guidelines. (in Chinese)
Announcement on the publication of emission inventory guidelines for developing the primary fine particulate matter emission inventory (Trial) and other three technical guidelines. (in Chinese)