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User agreement >

This User Agreement governs access to the use of the products and services offered by the MEIC model. Please carefully read this agreement before accepting below. Using MEIC products obtained from any source indicates that you (“USER”) agree to the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree with these terms, please stop using MEIC products.

1. The MEIC model team is committed to providing high-quality emission inventory data but takes no responsibility for any consequences resulting from USER’s use of MEIC products. USER is responsible for the use of MEIC products and their consequences.

2. The data provided on this website is for non-commercial use only. Commercial use by any individual, organization, entity, or enterprise is strictly prohibited except for prior written authorization from the MEIC model team. The use of MEIC products by commercial organizations would be regarded as commercial use. To apply for any commercial use of MEIC products, please contact

3. MEIC data products would be updated regularly. Registered USER could obtain the latest version information and download data products on this website. Please keep your account, password, and other registration information properly. If USER is not the initial registrant of an account, the MEIC team shall have the right to prohibit USER from using the account, and USER is solely responsible for any loss.

4. USER is not allowed to transfer MEIC emission inventory data and MEIC website accounts to third parties in any case. USER should take responsibility caused by breaching this term in any way. The MEIC team reserves the right to take legal action against USER with the above-mentioned behaviors.

5. USER needs to ensure the integrity and independence of MEIC data. Without authorization from the MEIC model team, USER shall not merge the MEIC products (in the original or in the modified form) into other data products or models.

6. When using MEIC data products, USER should fully cite the relevant research papers of the MEIC model. Please refer to How to cite to get detailed instruction.

The MEIC model team reserves all rights to interpret, modify and update this agreement.

Account application >

The MEIC emissions data products are released on this website. USER needs to register an account to obtain permission to download the data. Please click HERE to start registration online.

Registration process >

After completing the online application, an application form will be sent to the USER’s email address. Please print the application form and read the USER NOTICE carefully. The application form should be signed by USER and then uploaded via the link attached in the email. After the USER’s application is approved, the account and password will be sent to the USER’s email address. It usually takes 3 to 5 working days. Thanks for your patience.

Please register an MEIC account using your institutional email address. A personal email address will not be accepted. If USER is a student, USER’s supervisor should sign the application form.